Lovin Malta reports……..Prime Minister hopefuls Chris Fearne and Robert Abela both displayed openness to the legalisation of cannabis for personal use when asked about the topic on Xarabank last night.

Health Minister Fearne said that, as a doctor, his medical advice to anyone would be not to smoke anything, be it cigarettes, cigars or cannabis, but that he doesn’t want to interfere in people’s personal choices.

Chris Fearne

“With regards what people want to do in their own free time, I want to leave it up to their own personal judgement just so long as they’re informed about what they’re doing,” he said.

Abela called for a widespread consultation process, noting that while Caritas are against legalisation, other stakeholders are in favour.

“I am ready to listen to and consult with everyone before Cabinet takes a collective decision in the national interest after analysing all the studies,” he said.

Robert Abela

Both Fearne and Abela also highlighted their own involvement in Malta’s legalisation of medical cannabis, Fearne in his role as Health Minister and Abela in his role as a legal consultant.

“This law has really helped people in pain,” Abela said. “Several people who have told me that their pains can only be controlled through medical cannabis.

Source: https://lovinmalta.com/news/chris-fearne-and-robert-abela-both-open-to-legalising-cannabis-for-personal-use/