Where does one start with this story!

Stephen Sisson of Hazlehurst did a pretty good impression of the Hamburglar on the evening of July 16 — right up until he was arrested after fleeing from a Jeff Davis County deputy in the Hazlehurst Circle K parking lot. In the ensuing investigation, officers found suspected cocaine and methamphetamine in his vehicle.

A press release from the Jeff Davis County Sheriff’s Office states that a deputy was inside the Circle K when Sisson, who was walking out of the store, dropped a packet of mustard. The officer got Sisson’s attention to let him know he dropped the mustard. Sisson picked it up and went to his vehicle. The deputy then realized that Sisson didn’t buy anything from the store. He went outside to investigate. 

The deputy spoke to Sisson but Sisson wouldn’t get out of his vehicle. According to authorities, Sisson said he was scared for his life and tried to leave the scene. Sisson attempted to back out of the parking spot while the door was open and nearly knocked the deputy over.  They struggled for control, and after additional units arrived on scene, deputies were able to gain control of both Sisson and the vehicle.

Once apprehended, authorities stated that Sisson admitted he shoplifted two cheeseburgers and condiments from the store and and was trying to get away.  Officers searched the vehicle and the cheeseburgers, condiments, quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine were found in the car. Sisson was charged with theft by shoplifting, aggravated assault on a peace officer, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine and possession of drug related objects.

Sisson was transported to the Jeff Davis County Jail where he remains.

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