14 December 2016

Here’s how it starts, the message is fairly clear.

Will Jeff Sessions Derail Marijuana Legalization if Confirmed as Attorney General?

Election Night 2016 was an important and historic one for the marijuana law reform movement. But as the night went on and victories piled up, the shock of the results of the U.S. Presidential election were casting a net of worry over the cannabis community.

Donald Trump, who almost no one gave a chance of beating Hillary Clinton, was beating her. And since most assumed that Clinton would at least be better than Trump on the issue of marijuana legalization, anxiety began to creep into the night’s proceedings.

By the time it was clear that cannabis legalization activists had pulled off a huge night, it was also becoming clear that – while the votes in some swing states were still close -Donald J. Trump was going to become the 45th President of the U.S.

But hope was not yet lost for many. After all, Trump had repeatedly pledged his support for medical marijuana and had even talked about letting states decide on their own recreational laws. Some still cling to that hope, but for many hope was crushed when President-Elect Trump announced his pick for Attorney General: Alabama Senator and marijuana hater, Jeff Sessions.

To be blunt about the situation, Sessions likes nothing about cannabis and is certainly not a supporter of legalization. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Attorney General, he will be the one in charge of enforcing federal law – and federal law states that marijuana is illegal to possess, sell or grow for any reason whatsoever.

“MPP is certainly concerned with the nomination of Mr. Sessions to be our next Attorney General,” Robert Capecchi, Director of Federal Policies at the Marijuana Policy Project, told The Marijuana Times. “His past rhetoric on the issue of marijuana policy seem to come straight out of reefer madness propaganda.”……

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