Mark Twain’s Dinner Party: You’ve Been Invited To Twain’s For Dinner Who Else Will Be There ? What Are You Going To Talk About?

It appears that a


Mania Has Broken Out Among Our Bohemians.

Yesterday, Mark Twain and the “Mouse-Trap” man [Tremenheere Lanyon Johns] were seen walking up Clay street under the influence of the drug, followed by a “star,” who was evidently laboring under a misapprehension as to what was the matter with them.

The San Francisco Dramatic Chronicle

Sept. 18, 1865

Among those celebrating Mark Twain’s 70th birthday at Delmonico’s in New York City in 1905 were, from left, Kate Douglas Riggs, Twain, the Rev. Joseph H. Twichell, Bliss Carman, Ruth McEnery Stuart, Henry Mills Alden, Henry H. Rogers and Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, front. (Mark Twain House & Museum, Hartford)

We would like you join us at the great writer, humorist & raconteur’s dinner table and bring some guests and topics to pass away the evening with Mr. Clemens.

First though we need some information from you to encourage Twain to invite you round


  • If you could plan your dream dinner party and invite five guests, who would they be, and why these five guests?
  • What would you serve them to eat?
  • To Drink & Smoke ?


  • Your five favorite books?
  • Your five favorite pieces of music ?
  • Your five favorite movies ?
  • What is your favorite quote and why?

To join in the fun simply fill in the form here

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