25 August 2016

Here’s their press release and ranking in full

Announcement Regarding Commission Rankings for Grower and Processor Applicants  

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is releasing the 1 through 20 Grower and 1 through 30 Processor names with their Commission rankings (see list below). There were many highly-qualified Grower and Processor applicants; however, the Commission was limited to granting up to 15 Grower pre-approvals due to statutory limitations issued by the legislature.  The Commission temporarily limited the number of Processor pre-approvals to 15 due to resource management. Five extra Grower applications and 15 extra processor applications were voted on to be pre-approved should any of the pre-approved entities not result in final licensure. Beginning June 1, 2018, the Commission will review supply and demand and may be able to issue more licenses if necessary, based on the need.

Towson University’s Regional Economic Studies Institute (“RESI”) was enlisted by the Commission to review, evaluate and rank the applications received from interested applicants. RESI employed and the Commission adopted a double-blind review process. The top ranked 20 Grower and top ranked 30 Processor applications were voted on only by coded number prior to the de-coding process. The other RESI rankings (rankings from the twenty-first ranked application to the 145th application for Grower, and thirty-first to 124th for Processors) have not been de-coded nor voted on by the Commission.

As a reminder, the pre-approved entities announced on August 15 have not been issued licenses.  They will undergo extensive background checks, financial due diligence, and inspections in the next phase of a two-stage approval process.

Commission Grower Rankings

1.       Green Leaf Medical LLC

Frederick County

2.       Doctors Orders Maryland LLC

Dorchester County

3.       Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness LLC

Carroll County

4.       Freestate Wellness LLC

Howard County

5.       Kind Therapeutics USA LLC

Washington County

6.       SunMed Growers LLC

Cecil County

7.       HMS Health LLC

Frederick County

8.       Harvest of Maryland

Washington County

9.       Curio Cultivation LLC

Baltimore County

10.   Grow West MD LLC

Garrett County

11.   ForwardGro LLC

Anne Arundel County

12.   MaryMed LLC

Dorchester County

13.   Temescal Wellness of Maryland LLC

Baltimore City

14.   Holistic Industries LLC

Prince George’s County

15.   Shore Naturals Rx LLC

Worcester County

16.   MD Cultivation and Processing LLC

Frederick County

17.   GTI Maryland LLC

Washington County

18.   Kind Earth Medicinals

Montgomery County

19.   Maryland Natural Treatment Solutions

Caroline County

20.   Mazey Farms LLC

Garrett County

 Commission Processor Rankings

1.       Curio Manufacturing LLC

2.       AFS Maryland LLC

3.       Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness LLC

4.       PharmaCulture LLC

5.       Blair Wellness Center LLC

6.       Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics

7.       Chesapeake Alternatives LLC

8.       Doctors Orders Maryland LLC

9.       Pro Green Medical LLC

10.   Rosebud Organics LLC

11.   Temescal Wellness of Maryland LLC

12.   Kind Therapeutics USA LLC

13.   FGM Processing LLC

14.   Holistic Industries LLC

15.   MaryMed LLC

16.   Citiva Maryland LLC

17.   ForwardExtracts LLC

18.   PharmaKent LLC

19.   HMS Health

20.   Herbiculture Inc

21.   GTI Maryland

22.   Freestate Partners LLC

23.   Harvest of Maryland

24.   Wellness Institute of Maryland

25.   Chesapeake Apothecary LLC

26.   Maryland Earthworks LLC

27.   Healthy Extracts LLC

28.   Chesacanna Inc

29.   Mikran LLC

30.   NH Medicinal