As a reminder, the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is accepting public comment on the promulgation of revised adult-use and medical-use marijuana regulations, as well as the potential elimination of 935 CMR 502.000: Colocated Adult-Use and Medical-Use Marijuana Operations. The Commission has added two new documents for your review as a part of the public comment period.

Testing Requirement PetitionUnder the current regulations, marijuana and marijuana products are required to be tested for certain contaminants before being sold on the market. The Commission has received this petition, Formal Petition to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission for Amendment to 935 CMR 500.160 “Testing of Marijuana and Marijuana Products,” pursuant to 935 CMR 500.830, to amend the testing requirements for adult-use cannabis by modifying the current microbe thresholds under 935 CMR 500.160: Testing of Marijuana and Marijuana Products. The petition sets forth proposed changes to the regulations and to the testing protocol.

Vertical IntegrationAs part of its latest regulatory review process, former Commissioner Kay Doyle considered proposed areas of regulatory change and drafted this proposal on dismantling the vertical integration of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs). In response to a public records request, and given the public interest in this issue, the Commission is seeking comment on the proposal which would allow vertically integrated MTCs subject to licensing caps under G.L. c. 94G, § 16, to apply for certain endorsements, including cultivation, marijuana product manufacturing, or retail endorsements, which are not available under its existing regulatory scheme. The Commission does not explicitly or implicitly endorse the proposal or represent that it complies with § 16. It notes that the proposal is not integrated in the draft regulations currently out for public comment. The Commission will take the public comment it receives under advisement.

Comments may be sent to Click on the links below to view the petition, public comment notices and materials, and draft regulations.