20 January 2017

The Boston Herald reports

Bay Staters would be allowed to have six marijuana plants in their house, or just half as many as they currently can, under a bill filed today by a legislator poised to play a key role in how Beacon Hill shapes the fledgling marijuana legalization law.

State Sen. Jason Lewis today submitted more than a dozen bills aimed at legalized weed, which, if passed, would dramatically change several aspects of the law, including how much marijuana a person can have or when they could purchase edible products.

For example, while people currently can have up to 10 ounces of marijuana in their home, one of Lewis’ bill would cut it to two ounces. And though the current law, which went into effect Dec. 15, allows residents to keep as many as 12 marijuana plants, Lewis’ legislation would slice it to six.

In a statement, the Democrat said the legislature must “respect the will of the people” after they passed legislation on the Nov. 8 ballot. But the bills highlight the appetite in the legislature to reconfigure the law. Lawmakers have already pushed back to July 2018, a delay of six months, when recreational pot shops can open.

“I am fully committed to moving forward as quickly as possible to responsibly and safely implement a legal recreational marijuana market in Massachusetts,” Lewis said in a statement..


Among other changes he has proposed: Delaying by two years, or until at least July 2020, the sale of marijuana edibles and concentrates.

Another bill would allow individuals who were previously convicted for possession of small amounts of marijuana to petition a court for expungement of their record, according to his office.


State Sen. Jason Lewis Home Page: https://malegislature.gov/People/Profile/JML0