Mauritius: Authorities Work Out Final Details On Medical CBD Says Media Report

The experts of the technical committee set up by the Mauritian Ministry of Health will return their work soon. “It only remains to work out the details” , says one participant Defimedia . Among the avenues considered: legalize CBD for medical use.

At the moment, Maurice doesn’t want to hear about THC for therapeutic purposes, even though it is widely used around the world. Only CBD is considered, in this island in the Indian Ocean. According to recent studies, cannabidiol is effective in fighting Alzheimer’s disease . It could also be useful in certain types of cancer .

If Mauritius allows it, its use will be highly regulated. The technical committee has established a precise list of pathologies that can be treated with CBD. Experts are also considering a licensing system, although the outlines are not yet defined. Finally, doctors will not be able to make just any prescription: each practitioner will only be able to recommend CBD if it is within their medical competence.

The Minister of Health does not close the door

The government must now give the green light. In December, the Minister of Health was not closing the door on medical CBD. “THC is known for its addictive effects, while cannabidiol is known for its medical properties. WHO has spoken about that and we are working to see how it is applicable “ , said Kailesh Jagutpal.

The socialist minister also plans to amend the law: “  It will then be necessary to go through a“ policy decision ”[a decision of the Mauritian government] before moving forward with the medical use of cannabidiol. “

Legislative progress is being followed very closely in Reunion, a French department located about thirty kilometers away. According to La 1ère , associations are already researching the potential benefits of cannabis in medicine.

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