After yesterday’s decision in the SA courts the MCUA issued the following press release……

First up, Ms Hallam makes press statement



Today we saw the end of yet another long and costly saga when compassionate medicinal cannabis supplier, Jenny Hallam met her fate. 

In line with 3 other major players in the medical supplier circus, Ms Hallam was smacked on the wrist with wet spaghetti by the court when she was handed a 2 yr good behavior bond and no conviction. 

This follows hot on the heals of 3 other similar long running cases in NSW that were closed this year.

Tony Bower (Mullaways) , BJ Futter (Church of Ubuntu) and Dr Andrew Katalaris all won – in one way or another.

These cases too were dragged out over a few years while the taxpayers contributed millions of dollars for NO outcome that would benefit the public in any way.

MCUA president Deb Lynch has already appeared many times while fighting for her not guilty plea on cannabis related charges under medical necessity since 2017.  Similarly we saw  Alex Dimitropoulos appealing in the supreme court in Brisbane last Friday after having been sentenced in the District Court for cultivating his own cannabis medicine. The judge has reserved his decision.

Coming up the rear is the freshly busted SA pair who were supplying medical cannabis to people via Aussie post.  And another Qld patient who was helping others out is also waiting in the wings to hear their fate.

These cases are all having similar outcomes.  And they all cost the public purse a motza. When will this madness end.? The govt promised us medicinal cannabis 3 long years ago. What we got was an export industry and a scheme that imports corporate oils at ridiculously high prices – once all the vultures have taken their cut.

And its the patients who continue to suffer.  We have been calling for amnesty for over 5 yrs. Magistrates been telling defendants they should be speaking to MPs – they are the only ones who can change the law.

 Patients are speaking to MPs. But none in govt or opposition are listening. Perhaps its time the Judiciary put on its wig and stood up to the lawmakers on behalf of the patients  because self supply is NOT going to end any time soon.

The system in place for legal access is not working. And MCUA are calling for a review via a petition to the Senate.