29 November 2016

This Forbes article doesn’t really say much we haven’t seen elsewhere this year on the subject but worth referencing.

Here at CLR we’ve noticed a mini tech boom in Denver, unsurprisingly.

For us the question that isn’t posed in this article is…. Will legalization in California affect the CO cannabis tech boom and if so ..in what ways?

We suggest firms might want to look closely at this as the growing cannabis tech companies will, we suggest, be perfect clients for law firms.

So will this mean investment in expensive office suites in Palo Alto or will the new tech firms look at finding new centres to do business such as Phoenix, Vegas & Portland?

Here’s the story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tonybradley/2016/11/23/legalized-marijuana-could-drive-a-new-tech-boom/#7c428e8e53ff