MED Announces Formation Of Standing Advisory Group To Discuss ” social equity program and its effectiveness, and to generate potential rule (and other) recommendations”

The Marijuana Enforcement Division is excited to announce the formation of a standing advisory work group to discuss the Division’s social equity program and its effectiveness, and to generate potential rule (and other) recommendations. Please note that MED may amend the composition of a work group based on the subject matter of each meeting and the ability to accommodate alternative or additional participants. Further, in order to support all aspects of the social equity program, the MED may announce additional work group meetings or break-out sessions with additional stakeholders.
Meeting Preparation
Advisory Work Group panel members should be prepared to actively participate in the discussion, present data and other relevant materials, and draft proposed recommendations. Leading up to each scheduled work group meeting, MED will provide written materials for work group members and other interested parties to review and prepare for the meeting, including potential questions for discussion/input, and subject matter outlines.
MED extends its appreciation to all stakeholders willing to contribute their time and subject matter expertise to the work group and encourages all interested parties to attend Advisory Work Group meetings. Work group meetings are open to the public and all interested parties can take an active role in the process by attending work group meetings and offering oral comment during the public comment portion of the meetings.
First Meeting
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
9:00 -11:00 a.m.
Meeting ID: 835 3704 1432
Passcode: 449620
To Call in: (253) 215-8782
Advisory Work Group Members
  • Mahmood Abdulmoniem
  • Kim Allen
  • Rachael Ardanuy
  • John Bailey
  • Dewayne Benjamin
  • Mike Biggio
  • Bia Campbell
  • Steven Conely
  • Michael Diaz-Rivera
  • Shannon Donnelly
  • Kevin Gallagher
  • Talisa Gula-Yeast
  • Michael Leibowitz
  • Joshua Littlejohn
  • Santino Martinez
  • Colin Mudd
  • Micaela Parker
  • Mark Slaugh
  • Jarell Wall
  • Art Way
  • Samantha Walsh
  • Sarah Woodson
  • Ean Seeb
  • Tristan Watkins
For questions about the Advisory Work Group, you may contact Danielle Henry at Interested parties can also visit the MED’s website and may subscribe to receive updates from the MED.

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