Med Men To Launch Delivery In California

MedMen Enterprises Inc. (CSE:MMEN) announced last week the launch of its delivery service in California, allowing consumers to have products sent straight to their homes. The company said it will offer same-day delivery service statewide to tap into California’s potential US$11 billion legal pot market

The press release goes on to say

MedMen  will offer 400 products making the delivery service the most robust of its kind. Orders can be placed on its website and the company will use its retail locations to its customers.  MedMen plans to roll out the service nationwide, but with cannabis illegal at the federal level will present that ambition with obvious hurdles.

From a privacy standpoint, users may have some apprehension giving out credit card information due to fears of being tracked. But a delivery service could be valuable for medical marijuana users that may not be able to physically visit a store.

Whether its delivery or drive-thru, there’s a clear demand in the industry for an easy way to purchase cannabis and MedMen is looking to capitalize on that. The service will be available 365 days a year and for a limited time, customers will have the opportunity to receive free delivery.


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