Media Report: Canadian Takeover of High Times Puts Company in the Hands of Discredited CEO

When i reported on this development last week i thought that it was just another dodgy Levin move .. but of course like attracts like and Celeb Stoner (thankyou) details Mr Nanula of Lucy Scientific Discovery and yes it is all rather grubby.

High Times Flogs Off IP & Licensing Agreements In Stock Deal To Canadian Outfit Called Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc.


Celeb Stoner write

Who Is Richard Nanula?

On July 13, Lucy annouced the hiring of Nanula as CEO. He already chaired the company’s board, Nanula previously held high-level positions at The Walt Disney Company, Miramax, Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Broadband Sports, Amgen and Colony Capital. Founder and former CEO Chris McElvany stepped down.

In a press release then, Nanula stated:

“Lucy is in a unique position to leverage the growing industry coupled with its reach as a NASDAQ listed Company. I have assumed the role of CEO to lead our commitment to advancing the field of psychotropic drug development and to address the unmet needs of the global wellness community.”

After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1986, he went to work at Disney, rising up to the lofty position of CFO 10 years later. But Nanula didn’t stick around. He secured positions at Starwood and Amgen, joined the board of Boeing and then landed at Miramax in 2010.

He’d married Disney staffer Tracey Hart in 1995 and they had three kids. But marriage was not enough for Nanula. He began to pay for sex, as much as $10,000 per session. Nanula went to rehab several times for sex addiction and claimed he was cured. He wasn’t. Hart filed for divorce in 2005.

In 2013, a woman who worked at Colony said Nanula groped her on the job in 2012. Also in 2013 came the shocking revelation that Nanula paid several female adult-film stars $1,500 each to perform oral sex in a video with him in 2011. But since they were “acting” and being filmed, it was not considered prostitution. Either way, the video went public on an adult site and several of the women identified Nanula. He paid cash using Colony Capital envelopes.

Nanula sheepishly kept quiet and took leaves from Miramax and Colony, and finally left both companies. There were some lean years until he found a new home in British Columbia with Lucy, formerly Hollyweed North Cannabis owned by Renee Gagnon. He started as board chair and moved right up to CEO in nine short months.

Canadian attorney Robert W.E. Laurie: “This deal will have no consequence in the psychedelics space. It helps High Times get out of debt. But what does it do for Lucy?”


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