Thus it looks like the ratification of the legislation is on a permanent hold ……

ICBC reports…

Unfortunately, it appears that the vote will not happen, at least not by the initial deadline of September 17. Below is more information about what is being proposed, per Business Day:

According to the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, the maximum quantity allowed for possession for personal consumption will be 600g of dried cannabis or cannabis equivalent per adult, or 1,200g per dwelling occupied by two or more people. The maximum permissible quantity in a public place will be 100g.

In terms of cultivation no more than four cannabis plants can be grown per adult or not more than eight plants in a dwelling occupied by two or more people. Dealing will remain prohibited, as will smoking cannabis in public.

It is unclear at this time if/when the measure will get another chance at a vote. With a court ruling having been previously handed down, it’s fair to assume that a legalization measure will eventually be passed and implemented in South Africa.

With that being said, the effort to legalize in South Africa could linger on for a while. After all, the process involves politicians, and politicians are not exactly the most efficient when it comes to getting things done.


Source ICBC