The Daily Record (Scotland) reports….

Scotland is set to get it’s first legal cannabisfarm, it can be revealed today.

A large greenhouse will be built where the drug will be grown for use in medicines.

Local agricultural entrepreneurs William and Neil Ewart have been given planning permission for the pioneering facility in Langholm, Scotland.

Neil Ewart, said: “This is an excellent step in the correct direction but there are so many other steps to be taken.”

The 1.5 hectare greenhouse could be hugely profitable, as the team expects to produce 200 litres of oil a year, which will be made on site from the raw plant material.

The oil will be extracted from the plant and bottled before being sold to pharmaceutical companies who will turn it into a medicine.

About 50 people will be recruited locally for jobs including scientists, IT specialists, horticulturalists and security.

The farm will also have it’s own on-site generator which generates electricity and captures any heat that would be used to help grow the plants.

Planning documents reveal the businessmen sought to build a commercial glasshouse, associated water storage tanks and a car park.

In its decision report in February, Dumfries and Galloway Council said that it offered an opportunity to diversify and support the existing business at the family business, Craig Farm.

Despite the project being granted planning permission, they will now need to apply for a licence to produce cannabis which can be used by pharmaceutical companies for drugs to treat cancer and its treatment side effects, epilepsy and pain disorders.

Neil Ewart said that they had to “demonstrate that Langholm is a fit place to do this kind of thing” stressing that they had a large team working on the project.

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