1 June 2016

Website Announcement

Doug Ringler, CPA, CIA   Auditor General

Laura J. Hirst, CPA  Deputy Auditor General

Office of the Auditor General
201 N. Washington Square
6th Floor
Lansing, Michigan 48913

Phone (517) 334-8050
Fax (517) 334-8079


Michigan Medical Marihuana Program, Bureau of Professional Licensing – 641-0435-16

Description of Agency

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP) is a State registry program within the Bureau of Professional Licensing, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. MMMP administers the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (Sections 333.26421 – 333.26430 of the Michigan Compiled Laws). During fiscal year 2015, MMMP had 182,091 active patients and 34,269 active caregivers, received 81,090 initial and 22,879 renewal applications, and expended $4.2 million.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of MMMP’s administration of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.
  2. To assess MMMP’s compliance with legislative reporting requirements.


We estimate a report release date in mid 2016.