THE Senate Committee on Judiciary, Government and Law will conduct another public hearing for the marijuana bill today, Monday, at 6 p.m. at the multi-purpose center.

The bad weather prompted the committee to cancel the public hearing on Rota, which was supposed to take place on Oct. 19.
The first public hearing on Saipan, which was held in the Senate chamber on Oct. 17, drew more than 30 people.

The hearing at the Tinian courthouse is set for Oct. 27 at 2 p.m.

Senate Vice President Steve Mesngon, committee chairman, hopes that more people will participate in the second hearing.

“If they are not comfortable to speak the last time, they will still have an opportunity to speak [Monday night]. We had a very good turnout in the first hearing but I hope to see more people this time,” Mesngon said.

Gerry Hemley, who testified in favor of the bill at the first Saipan public hearing, said he will again testify at the multi-purpose center.

He said the legalization aims to make cannabis accessible to those who use it for medical or personal purpose without fear of arrest, harassment and discrimination.