Mission Viejo City Council will discuss permitting a number of cannabis retailers in the city

MISSION VIEJO, CA — Officials in Mission Viejo are considering a development plan to allow a number of cannabis retailers in the city.

There aren’t many dispensaries offering cannabis in South Orange County, but a planning commission urges that such facilities would generate substation sales tax revenues and other fees to Mission Viejo from the “underserved” market, according to a document from the Mission Viejo City Council.

Some of the closest dispensaries are located in Irvine, but there are some delivery options available to South Orange County residents.

City council members have been working on an economic development plan to “maintain and echance the economic character of the community, while providing fora stable and annual budget,” council members wrote.

The Planning and Transportation Commission has recommended that the city council approve an ordinance to allow a limited number of distribution facility licenses for cannabis retailers.

City Council members will meet on Tuesday to consider the ordinance.

The Mission Viejo City Council convenes at 6 p.m. Tuesday at city council chambers, 200 Civic Center Dr.


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