Mississippi Mayor Wants To Press Delete On Medical Cannabis Measure Before Election

Mayors seem to be today’s  flavor !

 Madison  mayor Mary Hawkins Butler , Tuesday challenged the petition process that put one of two medical cannabis proposals on the Mississippi statewide ballot, arguing that the number of signatures gathered does not meet standards set in the state constitution.

Hawkins Butler has filed papers with the state’s Supreme Court just one week before the Nov. 3  election, more than a month after the start of absentee voting in Mississippi and several months after the secretary of state’s office said the initiative qualified for the ballot.

Madison  mayor Mary Hawkins Butler

Supporters of Initiative 65 said their petition process met the requirements set by the constitution and by a 2009 attorney general’s opinion. They also accused Butler and the city of Madison of trying to undermine the initiative.




To get a better flavor of Madison this is the sort of hi-jinx that goes on in the town!!

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler says she was wrong and plans to apologize to a woman who was told earlier this week that she would have to remove the blue-lighted peacocks from her home.


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