KRCG News Missouri reports…..A Callaway County couple, who are both political candidates, were arrested Thursday after a helicopter observed “multiple marijuana plants” on the couple’s property and subsequently witnessed the couple attempting to dispose of the plants by lighting them on fire.

Adela Wisdom, a candidate for US Representative 3rd District of Missouri, and Aaron Wisdom a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor are both facing charges.

According to a probable cause document, at 8:16 a.m. Thursday, a helicopter flew over the couple’s residence in Williamsburg and “observed multiple marijuana plants on the property.”

While an officer attempted to get a warrant to search the residence, Callaway County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Curtis Hall witnessed Adela Wisdom begin “rapidly removing marijuana plants from the ground,” the document said. Hall also noted seeing Aaron Wisdom lighting those marijuana plants on fire.

In the probable cause document, the reporting officer Blake Atkins said, “Due to the exigent circumstances, law enforcement personnel then entered the property and detained Adela and Aaron.”

When a search warrant for the property was signed by a judge, Atkins said he responded to the location and located “approximately 22 marijuana plants, of varying sizes, planted in multiple locations around the property.”

Atkins went on to say several of the marijuana plants had been removed from the ground and charring could be seeing on some of the plant’s leaves, “indicating that they had in fact been burned.”

Following the incident, Adela, who was formally an adviser for the San Diego City Council Medical Marijuana Task Force, shared her stance on Facebook saying “no one belongs in jail for a plant.”

Both Adela and Aaron Wisdom were formally charged with felony Manufacture Of A Controlled Substance and misdemeanor Atmp-Tampering With Physical Evidence In Felony Prosecution. Aaron and Adela were held on a $4,500 surety bond, which they both posted on Monday.