He told MM through a spokesperson this week……….“This remains a top priority of mine. Regulatory certainty from the FDA is necessary for the hemp industry to seize the full potential that this versatile crop has to offer.”

McConnell’s office said in an email that he has spoken with the FDA head about the need to release CBD product regulations “as recently as earlier this month.”


We wonder though,  how much of a priority it remains for him with the upcoming Senate elections and the big one down the road in November.

For what it is worth UK bookmaker, Ladbrokes,  has McConnell  as  a -500 favorite to retain his seat (though lose his title), however now that his opponent is set, we could see a shift. 

Over at Presedential Re-election odds the books haven’t opened yet

So,  he doesn’t have to worry about being turfed out in Kentucky, he did what agriculture wanted and created an environment for the state to grow and profit from hemp. We presume that he’s seen that getting too involved with cannabis industry boards might not be the best decision for a Republican at the moment.

We’d suggest he’s happy to cruise and not stir the waters to much. Eg answer questions from press and industray via a spokeperson, make vague internal government enquiries and see where the land lies in December

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Mitch McConnell Says Legal Hemp Industry Off To A ‘Rocky Start’