MJ Biz Article Details Lawsuit By Board Members Against Founder, Isaac Dietrich.

MJ Biz Have the full story.

If you are too busy to read about other people’s egos, we’ll bullet point for you.

All in all, we’d suggest that whatever solution is arrived at the company, the  individuals involved have essentially lost that element of trust in the marketplace.

Maybe somebody will turn it around but if the board and former CEO and founder  Dietrich act so dysfunctionally with such a young company we can’t believe anybody will want any part of the management team to take the company forward.

Over the weekend we also learnt from our sources that  major investors at Mass Roots also put their money into MJ Freeway. We can’t imagine there’ll be much thanksgiving going on at their Thanksgiving !

Board Says

  • Dietrich Stole $US250K ( “civil theft of Company funds.”)
  • He Illegally Used Drugs At Work
  • He deliberately hid the payments from the MassRoots board of directors
  • Improper sexual activities involving the workplace
  • Misuse of company funds

Dietrich Says

  • Board members sank Canna Regs deal ( This we have to say doesn’t reflect well on  Canna Regs founder Amanda Ostrowitz who indicated she was the one that “pulled the plug” on the deal)
  • Dietrich told Marijuana Business Daily on Monday that a MassRoots audit committee filed a report at the end of September that found “no material deficiencies on the books.”

Here’s the civil suit



MassRoots sues former CEO, alleges theft of over $250K, drug use and other ‘serious misconduct’


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