MJ Biz (Former) Journo Alfredo Pascual Now A Big Cheese In Euro Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis Law Report is looking forward to somebody giving us loadsa cash to splurge… even in our wildest dreams we couldn’t be as wasteful as a number of companies and individuals we can think of in the cannabis sector. Must rush out and get a jaunty hat, that should secure some investment


UK investment fund Fast Forward Innovations has added Alfredo Pascual – one of Europe’s leading cannabis industry figures – to its team, as it looks to close in on a further two deals in short order.

Mr Pascual rose to prominence during his spell as German-based International Analyst at the US cannabis conference and news publishing outfit Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily).

Speaking to BusinessCann he said he was excited by the opportunities that lie ahead with Fast Forward (FFWD) as its new Vice President of Investment Analysis.

“After spending recent years analysing the complex European cannabis industry, I am excited to now work with FastForward to find and assess companies which are well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities being presented in the sector, and which are potential investment opportunities for FastForward,” he said.

Invaluable Knowledge

Ed McDermott, Chief Executive Officer of FFWD, said: “I am delighted to welcome Alfredo to our team; his experience and sector knowledge will be invaluable to FFWD’s shareholders as our investment focus increasingly leans towards health, wellness and medical cannabis.” 

More at  https://businesscann.com/euro-cannabis-leader-alfredo-pascual-to-join-uk-investor-with-12m-plus-to-deploy/

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