MJ Biz’s Content & Conference Whizz Says It’s Time To Take A Break

Just going to the MJ Biz do is tiring never mind being its organiser and strategist. A well deserved break!

MJ Biz write

Pamela Moore, the chief content strategy officer for MJBiz, is leaving the pioneering cannabis publishing and trade show company after four years.

Moore said she is stepping down from her top leadership post to focus more on family, noting “the decision is wholly personal and unrelated to the business.”

Denver-based MJBiz is owned and produced by Emerald, the largest U.S.-based producer of trade shows and their associated conferences, content and commerce.

Moore’s last day will be Oct 13.

“Being part of the dynamic growth of MJBiz, the MJBiz family and the amazing cannabis community has been the highlight of my career,” she said.

Moore joined MJBiz in September 2019 as vice president of content and strategy.

She later was appointed senior vice president of content strategy and acquisition before assuming her current post co-leading MJBiz and MJBizCon with Chief Revenue and Experience Officer Jess Tyler.

As chief content strategy officer, Moore has overseen MJBiz’s editorial and conference-content operations.

During her tenure, Moore succeeded in turning MJBizDaily into a multimillion-dollar, revenue-producing publishing business.

That success was crucial in allowing MJBiz to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, when the events business in general all but dried up.

Moore also was a key player in overseeing the integration of MJBiz into Emerald after the $120 million acquisition of the cannabis publishing and trade show business in January 2022.


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