Montana Company, “Gaize” (Get It!) Says It Has Developed Drug Test Eyeball Scanner

We’d be wary about the tech.The website is actively trying to sell it into police departments 

This is what they say.

The solution to safe cannabis legalization.

Studies have shown that cannabis behaves markedly differently than alcohol in the body. Therefore, tests that measure the amount of THC in blood, saliva, and breath are not accurate ways to measure active impairment.

Gaize measures micro-movements of the eye, and is based on the existing science of Drug Recognition Expert eye examinations. Tests are performed in an automated fashion, eliminating errors and clearing the way for successful prosecutions.

“There’s a really strong push in the field to see what we can do to better determine impairment and behavioral function rather than just rely on fluid measures,”

Thomas Marcotte, Co-Director of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at UC San Diego


Video Evidence from Automatic DRE Eye Tests

Gaize automatically runs the same tests your Drug Recognition Expert officers do, all in a virtual reality headset and exactly according to the training manual. The output is irrefutable video evidence of impairment.

Gaize is a Cutting Edge Cannabis Impairment Test based on the
DRE Eye Tests

Objective impairment detection technology based on the proven DRE eye examination.

Every test you know and trust, done perfectly.

Gaize is the future of safe driving enforcement.

  • Equal Tracking

  • Lack of Smooth Pursuit

  • Distinct and Sustained Nystagmus at Maximum Deviation

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus with Onset Before 45 Degrees

  • Vertical Gaze Nystagmus

  • Lack of Convergence

  • Pupillary Rebound Dilation with All Three Light Levels (Room Light, Full Darkness, Direct Light)

Pupil diameter is measured to tenths of a millimeter, gaze angle is measured to tenths of a degree.

Establish Probable Cause

Think of it as a PBT for marijuana.

Take the guesswork out of probable cause in cannabis impaired driving investigations. A simple, quick evaluation using Gaize, and you’ll know conclusively if the driver is impaired.

Capture Video Evidence

Clear, actionable video of how the eyes are moving in response to an automated DRE eye exam.

When you need to prosecute someone for impaired driving, the lack of evidence generated by the DRE process can really set you back. Gaize solves this with video recorded just an inch from the eyes.

And here’s where we’re headed…

We’re rapidly adding the ability to detect indicators of impairment as well as each class of impairing substance to Gaize. These will all be made available as updates for our customers.

  • Lack of Smooth Pursuit

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

  • Vertical Gaze Nystagmus

  • Lack of Convergence

  • Pupillary Rebound Dilation

  • Pupillary Unrest

Here’s where we are today…

We’ve built a fully automated DRE eye test that captures video evidence of eye movement. The device also analyzes the results of these tests using machine learning to detect signs of impairment.

We can currently detect:

  • Cannabis Impairment

  • Non-compliance from Test Subjects

  • Unequal Pupil Size

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