First up this extended piece that succinctly captures the frozen in the headlights position of the “authorities” in Australia


“In the first year of introducing it, Canada, which has a slightly bigger population to us, only had 150 patients, Australia had 300. Canada is now up 300,000 medical patients since legalising it 18 years ago and now they’re just about to go legal for recreational (adult use) in a few months.”


At the Future of Cannabis seminar at Advertising Week APAC in Sydney on Wednesday, Sharlene Mavor, medical scientist and director of Medical Cannabis Research Australia told that she anticipates recreational cannabis to become available in about five to 10 years time, once medicinal cannabis becomes fully implemented in Australia.


“There is also an estimated 100,000 Australian patients currently using medical cannabis from underground sources.”


Meanwhile over at the Australian we see this headline,we’d love to give you more info but its all behind a paywall.

The inference is that things have slowed down.

As things are now speeding up in the USA, Canada and now over in Europe we believe Australia has missed opportunities in the international market.

Investment  will and is already flowing across the Pacific and the local market is only as I was once told, the size of Montana.

It’ll make some local players reasonably wealthy but won’t develop a sector that can compete internationally.

Never mind some of the stories we’ve heard about govt depts in Australia who don’t understand the legislation handed down to them nigh on 2 years ago and are telling industry professionals to pop back in a few months after they’ve tried to tackle what they don’t understand.


Marijuana plays mull strategies as sector goes off the boil

The Australian

Yes, medical dope is now legal here — as it is in most other key … “A pharma drug is a singular molecule solution while natural medicines are ..