More Canadian cannabis firms filing complaints about rival businesses says MJ Biz report

It all sounds very cutthroat out there in cannabis land Canada with complaints doubling in 12 months

Canadian cannabis companies formally cried foul about their rivals’ business practices nearly 200 times last year, the highest number of complaints lodged with Health Canada in years and nearly double 2019 levels.

Experts say the rising number of complaints might stem in part from cutthroat competition in the industry, which could be spurring companies to push the envelope from a regulatory standpoint and rivals to blow the whistle to stop the practice.

At the same time, experts say, regulators have been inconsistent in enforcing rules that are, at times, unclear.

Roughly 182 complaints were lodged with Health Canada by regulated parties in the cannabis industry about competing parties in 2020, Health Canada told MJBizDaily.

That’s almost double the previous year’s 97.

David Hyde, CEO of Hyde Advisory & Investments in Toronto, said businesses are getting squeezed and are looking to be creative in a way that allows them to be more commercially successful without crossing over the regulatory red line.

But what is and isn’t allowed isn’t always clear.


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