More Massachusetts Revelations: Kristina Gasson, the General Counsel of the Massachusetts CCC To Leave Post Next Week

Yet again Grant Ellis – Smith has the lowdown.

Can it get worse yes it can

He writes on his Linked in

I can confirm that Kristina Gasson, the General Counsel of the Massachusetts CCC, who only joined the agency in recent years, will be leaving her post next week.

Gasson is one of the main supporters of replacing acting-ED Debbie Hilton Creek with Cedric Sinclair.

In a major development just minutes earlier Tuesday, I also confirmed that there will be an attempt at this Thursday’s (6/13/24) meeting of the Massachusetts CCC to remove acting agency Executive Director Debbie Hilton-Creek, a military veteran with 25 years’ experience leading large HR and compliance operations, and, shockingly, replace Hilton-Creek with Cedric Sinclair (the man, just months ago, removed from the agency after shocking allegations of internal abuse emerged).

I further confirmed this attempt will be led by acting CCC Chair Ava Concepcion, with the support of long-absent Commissioner Nurys Camargo (who will return, after four months), to “take out” Hilton-Creek and facilitate Sinclair’s jaw dropping return. I am told this is happening because Hilton-Creek was asking CCC staffers (some who are close to Camargo and Concepcion) to work more than one day per week in the office (which those staffers took as a declaration of war, and, in turn, pushed for Hilton-Creek to be removed and replaced with Sinclair, no matter the cost or Sinclair’s prior actions).

And, in further shocking news, I was also able to reveal that Sinclair used to work for former Boston Mayoral Candidate Tito Jackson (who, according to my prior reporting, has close connections to Camargo).

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