We’re finding it interesting how various outlets are reporting what we think is actually quite groundbreaking national regulated cannabis legislation.

The NZ Herald sits quite closely to the way we think at CLR

Reeferendum: Proposed big fines for cannabis corporates, ‘help not handcuffs’ for young cannabis users

A national cap on the amount of cannabis that can be grown and heavy fines, including jail time, for unlawful sale or supply are key features of the proposed framework for legalising cannabis for personal use.

But fines for underage (younger than 20) possession are comparatively light, and could even be waived if the young offender agreed to a drug treatment or education programme.

“We don’t want to criminalise a younger offender, but we do want to criminalise those seeking to exploit or take advantage of young people,” Justice Minister Andrew Little told the Herald.



Mirage News reports it as it is

Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill released

The complete and final version of the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill that will be voted on in one of two referendums at this year’s General Election was released today by Justice Minister Andrew Little.

Publication of the exposure draft Bill on referendums.govt.nz follows the release of an interim version of the Bill in December last year and is part of the Government’s commitment to ensuring the voting public have ample opportunity to be informed ahead of this year’s referendums.

“It is important that all eligible voters have the opportunity to be informed about the upcoming referendums. The Government is committed to providing impartial, unbiased information on the referendums and its process,” Andrew Little said.

The exposure draft Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill has been updated and includes details about:

  • how the cannabis market would work and the phased introduction of cannabis starting with fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis plants and seeds
  • how the regulation of consumption premises would work
  • the approvals process for cannabis products and which products would be prohibited
  • the licensing requirements
  • how the Bill proposes to reduce young people’s exposure to cannabis; and
  • infringements and penalties

No further updates of the Bill will be made before the referendum.



News Hub takes the tax  angle

How much legal cannabis could raise in tax revenue – and why it might fail

A new report shows a legalised cannabis market could raise $490 million in taxes each year – but only if it’s good enough to wipe out the black market.

And with the Government hoping to design it in a way that discourages use over time, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) fears it might not be.

It’s released a new report into how the proposed legal cannabis system proposed by the Government might work. The findings are based on a similar report the group did a few years ago, but updated with new evidence collected from places where it’s been legalised recently, such as Canada and parts of the United States.

“The evidence from America is you can wipe out the black market if you have an open, regulated regime that allows customers to get access to the product they want and allows low-cost production,” principal economist Peter Wilson told Newshub.

“But the Government seems to be saying it doesn’t want that to happen – it doesn’t want a commercial market. It wants to see use reduced through time.”





Benzinga’s Report Accuses Draft Legislation Of Being “Protectionist”

They don’t seem to mind the idea of the legislation being progressive but just because the New Zealander’s are canny and don’t particularly want  McWeed, we have Benzinga pushing a pro hyper us capitalist view of the world, that in which they happily trash a nascent sector with their own product.

Benzinga write

This reform promises to lead the international legalization movement by proposing a series of highly progressive issues.

In general terms, it will be very similar to the Canadian reform, although it will have an extremely protectionist tinge on native and more vulnerable communities.




Marijuana Moment’s Report

New Zealand Government Unveils Final Marijuana Legalization Measure For 2020 Ballot


Ganjapreneur’s report

New Zealand Unveils Cannabis Legalization Blueprint

MJ Biz Report

New Zealand issues ‘unprecedented’ recreational cannabis bill ahead of referendum