Must Have Vaporizer Accessories and Mistakes to Avoid

If you have already selected and bought your vaporizer, then that means you have started your journey towards experiencing vaping. Beginners often make mistakes and errors when it comes to vape, and thus they don’t get the quality experience they thought they would. If you want to enjoy this journey to the fullest, you need to avoid errors and buy some essential accessories. So read on to find out more.

Necessary accessories


A container is an important requirement for the storage of herbs. Not just any container can be a solution for this. You need a container that maintains the right humidity to keep the herbs from drying out and also keeps the odor inside, allowing discreetness. You can easily find containers that will preserve your herbs.


Gone are the days when you have to grind herbs with your hands. Now you can get grinders that help in grinding hers easily. If you own a convection vape, then you can use a normal grinder. But if you own a conduction vape that requires fine herbs for efficient vaping, then you will need a good grinder like a Volcano grinder.


You will need to keep your vaporizer clean and well-maintained. One of the famous cleaners for vaporizers is isopropyl alcohol. It is a dissolver, so it may react with some materials. So if you don’t know what material your vaporizer is made of, then go for cleaners specifically designed for cleaning a vaporizer. Such products include THCleaner and LaPilu, among others that remove sticky and stubborn residues.


To keep your vaporizers and accessories in a safe place, you need a carry case. In addition to protecting your vaporizers from damage, they also keep the odor inside, thus offering a discreet means of carrying a vaporizer. One such case is Ryot that provides you good storage space and the benefits mentioned above.

So if you have not yet bought the accessories or a vaporizer, then get your accessories and high tech vaporizer at today!

Common mistakes

Too fast or too short drags

You should not inhale too rapidly; instead, try to take slow and long drags to allow the vapors to be produced efficiently. With a convection vape, you need to take long drags to allow the herbs to be properly heated and release their contents. With the conduction, vape also needs to take long drags; otherwise, the chamber will cool down, and vapors won’t be produced efficiently.

Incorrect preparation

Since different heating methods require different herb textures, you need to be careful because if the herbs are not properly prepared, you may get late or smaller vapors. So in convection vape, you can just grind your herbs using a normal grinder as you want medium texture. But in the case of conduction, vape ground the herbs properly so that their texture is as fine as the sand.

Unkempt vaporizer

It is important to keep your vaporizer clean. Sticky and tough residues collect in the vaporizer. Over time it can damage your vaporizer and affect the quality of vapors produced.

In a nutshell

Now that you know what to buy and the mistakes you need to avoid, you are set to go. Your vaping experience will get better with time and use. Vaping is way better than smoking, so you are on the right track. If you still have any questions, then don’t hesitate and ask experts.


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