Nasdaq Publish Their May Cannabis Market Insights – It Will Set You Back $US299

Product Overview

Cannabis Market Insights is a monthly report compiled by Nasdaq and Cannabis Benchmarks® on the cannabis industry. The purpose of this monthly report is to bring transparency and education to the cannabis investment community through a comprehensive analysis of the industry in Canada and the U.S.

The report provides key decision data for the cannabis community including:

  • Insights into supply and demand
  • Investor sentiment across stock performance, ETF fund flows and short interest
  • Performance and volatility of key index, ETF and commodity barometers

Reports are delivered in PDF format monthly. Each report covers 12 weeks of historical information relative to the reporting month.


  • Each month’s report is published by the 10th business day of the following month.


The Nasdaq Information Services and Advisory teams equip investors and listed issuers with the tools to make informed decisions by providing relevant insights designed to navigate promising markets and meet new industry challenges.

Cannabis Benchmarks®, a division of New Leaf Data Services, offers cannabis wholesale spot price indexes of standardized cannabis products and industry research to create market transparency for trading and hedging, risk reporting, and settlement.

Nasdaq has partnered with Cannabis Benchmarks to shed light into the legal cannabis industry.

Coverage & Data Organization


The Cannabis Market Insights report covers the cannabis space in Canada and the U.S. from a variety of lenses: the commodity, equity and ETF spaces. Additionally, this report also includes historical snapshots and commentary of various indicators to provide an in-depth industry analysis.


  • Canada
  • United States

Key Barometers:

  • Commodity: Cannabis Benchmarks® Wholesale Cannabis Price Paid by the Distributor (CBMKCCSI)
  • Non-cannabis Commodity: Nasdaq Commodity Benchmark Index ER (NQCIER), Nasdaq Commodity Crude Oil Index ER (NQCICLER), Nasdaq Commodity Natural Gas Index ER (NQCINGER), Nasdaq Commodity Soybean Oil Index ER (NQCIBOER)
  • Equity: Nasdaq Yewno North America Cannabis Economy Index (NQNACE) and Solactive North American Marijuana Index (NAMMAR)
  • ETFs: Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ) and ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ)

In-depth Industry Analysis:

  • Supply-demand balance for medical and non-medical cannabis
  • Consumption of medical and non-medical cannabis
  • Current and projected number of stores and sales in Canada by province
  • Import-export analysis
  • Best and worst cannabis stock performers
  • Cannabis ETF fund flows and short interest
  • Performance and volatility of some key barometers
  • Correlation of some key barometers, notably comparing cannabis equity and commodity indexes

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