National Cannabis Law Firm to Host Webinar Thursday Exploring Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut

Here’s their press release

Vicente Sederberg LLP has helped governments and businesses shape, implement, and navigate cannabis laws and regulations for more than a decade


NEW YORK — National cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP will host a webinar Thursday at 2 p.m. ET exploring the latest developments and issues surrounding cannabis legalization in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Register now for the free event at

The online event will feature a panel of VS attorneys, including leaders of the firm’s New York office, who are working on cannabis policy and regulatory matters with policymakers and stakeholders across the tri-state region. It will also feature special guest Michael Huttner, managing director of Young America Capital.

The panel will explore a variety of questions on the minds of regulators, entrepreneurs and existing cannabis businesses, including:

  • Will New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy sign the current adult-use bill on his desk, or is it back to the drawing board for the Legislature?
  • Will this be New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s big year for cannabis legalization, and if so, will the CRTA or MRTA make it to law?
  • Will Connecticut surprise the region by enacting adult-use legalization before New York?
  • How big are these markets and what will they look like?
  • What are the acquisition opportunities, and how can businesses raise capital in this ambiguous environment?


About the Event

WHAT: “Are We There Yet?: Exploring Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut,” an online panel hosted by Vicente Sederberg LLP

WHEN: Thursday, February 4, 2021, 2 p.m. ET

WHERE: This free event will be held online; register now to receive a link to the event

WHO: Moderated by Andrew Livingston, Director of Economics and Research at Vicente Sederberg LLP

Featured panelists:

Michelle Bodian, Senior Associate at Vicente Sederberg LLP

Jennifer Cabrera, Counsel at Vicente Sederberg LLP

Elliot Choi, Counsel at Vicente Sederberg LLP

Michael Huttner, Managing Director at Young America Capital

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