National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium 2023

On December 1-3, 2023 at Portland State University, the American Judges Association will be partnering up with numerous prestigious legal organizations, including National Judicial College, the American Bar Association Judicial Division and most importantly the the National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges to host the National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium, a symposium dedicated to discussing the most pertinent topics towards cannabis law. As more American states legalize cannabis for either medical or recreational purposes, the legality and acceptance of cannabis is in constant flux.  At the symposium, there will be a dozen separate panels that will each discuss a particular topic related to cannabis law as well as four keynote speakers to provide further expertise into this constantly changing field of law.

As the laws regarding cannabis in America can oftentimes be situational in how it’s regulated, legislated and prosecuted, the symposium will identify and discuss the many current and ever present issues in relation to the legalization of cannabis and the subsequent impact on the vital operations of the judicial branch, academic institutions, the several branches of state and federal law enforcement, the substance testing industries, and the human resources departments throughout American companies.

Seattle Cannabis Lawyer, Aaron Pelley will be heading up a panel on Psychedelics (legislation, regulation and practicalities). He will be joined by Shannon O’Fallen (Senior Assistant Attorney General at Oregon Department of Justice). Kathryn Tucker (Special Advocacy Advisor to The Completed Life Initiative), Pat Pizzo (Former Forensic Toxicologist for FBI and Expert witness on Toxicology) and Matthew Wissler (Oregon Approved Facilitator with the Change Institute).

National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium 2023

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