Nebraska Governor nixes proposal to relax police trainee standards for cannabis, drug use

Gov. Jim Pillen has rejected a proposed relaxation in drug-use standards to qualify for training as a Nebraska law enforcement officer, saying it could be viewed as a “watering down” of the standards.

A panel of state law enforcement officials had recommended the change as part of a broader effort to qualify more applicants for the necessary state training to work in law enforcement.

Currently, a recruit cannot have used marijuana for 24 months, or used a narcotic or other “dangerous drug” for five years. prior to being admitted to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island.

The Police Standards Advisory Council had proposed to lower the standards to 12 months for marijuana and three years for narcotics.

Not ‘prudent’

Pillen, in a July 18 letter rejecting the proposed rule change, said he didn’t think it was “prudent” to adopt such a change without data that shows “a significant number” of applicants are being rejected due to the current drug-use standards.

“It is therefore imperative that we have the necessary data before making a policy change that could be perceived as watering down the standards to become a law enforcement officer in the State of Nebraska,” Pillen wrote.

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Governor nixes proposal to relax police trainee standards for marijuana, drug use

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