Nebraska State Senator, Tommy Garrett Makes The Case For Medical Marijuana

The report reveals the same arguments we are seeing state by state the countrywide.

Nebraska State Senator Tommy Garrett is touring the Cornhusker State trying to gain support for a bill to legalize medicinal cannabis in his state. As the Sioux Land News reported, Senator Garrett makes the argument that marijuana is the best medical option for many patients in Nebraska. Making medicinal marijuana legal in Nebraska would prevent these people from having to choose between illegally self-medicating or moving out of the state altogether.

As the Sioux City Journal noted, the senator claims to have never used marijuana himself, medicinally or otherwise. “I’m about as straight as they come,” he said at a press conference in Dakota City. Garrett’s bill is fairly restrictive and doesn’t actually allow for smokable marijuana to be legalized even for medicinal purposes. Instead, it calls for the legalization of medical THC in liquid, pill or liquid vapor form. This would apply to patients who are suffering from any of the following: Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, severe muscle spasms, Tourette syndrome, or patients who suffer from a terminal illness and have a life expectancy that is less than a year.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, along with some opponents of legalized marijuana for medical purposes, warn that passing such a law is a slippery slope towards legalizing recreational marijuana.

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