Nebraska Supreme Court releases decision on medical marijuana

Obviously according to the court gamling is better for your health than medical cannabis!  It’s what we call the Australian route here at CLR. Here is Australia gambling is endemic and the politicians in order to keep the revenue flowing in give the priority of a human right. The world we live in etc etc !

KETV Nebraska reports….

The Nebraska Supreme Court has issued a ruling on whether medical marijuana and expanded gambling will be on the ballot in November.

The court voted to block medical marijuana from being on the ballot but approved the expansion of gambling.

Two justices dissented in the medical marijuana ruling.

“if voters are to intelligently adopt a State policy with regard to medicinal cannabis use, they must first be allowed to decide that issue alone, unencumbered by other subjects,” the conclusion read. “As proposed, the NMCCA contains more than one subject–by our count, it contains at least eight subjects.”

“We reverse the Secretary of State’s decision and issue a writ of mandamus directing him to withhold the initiative from the November 2020 general election ballot,” the opinion states.

On the gambling initiative: “We therefore vacate our alternative writ and by separate order issue a peremptory writ of mandamus ordering the Secretary to place the Constitutional Initiative, the Regulatory Initiative, and the Tax Initiative on the November 2020 ballot.”

Petitions for both issues received enough signatures to be placed on the ballot.

Secretary of State Bob Evnen let the medical marijuana issue through but has pushed back on the gambling expansion, calling the measure “misleading” and “confusing.”

The series of three proposed constitutional amendments would open the door to casino gambling at Nebraska horse racing tracks. Evnen ruled the language of the initiatives violated state law because they failed to address a single subject. Supporters of expanded gambling told the Supreme Court they divided the issue into three initiatives to comply with the single-subject requirement.

A lawsuit had been filed by the Lancaster County Sheriff saying the proposed amendment to legalize medical marijuana was not constitutional.

Representing Wagner, attorney Mark Fahleson told the court last week the amendment would create “tremendous uncertainty.” Fahleson said as written, the amendment could give legal immunity to those who produce and sell marijuana, while also providing access to marijuana products for medical use.

Supporters argued the immunity language would guard patients and manufacturers of medial marijuana against being prosecution under laws designed to stop illegal marijuana trafficking.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has pushed back on medical marijuana, saying there’s no such thing and claiming that, in places where its been legalized, people “show up to work stoned.”

The deadline to determine whether the issues will be placed on the ballot is Sept. 11.

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