Neutra Acquires Recreational Hemp Product Brand, Deity to Launch Delta-8 Product Line

KATY, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2021 / Neutra Corp. (OTC PINK:NTRR) has announced it is acquired Deity Wellness, a company focused on the recreational use of hemp-based products. Deity has developed a Delta-8 gummy, which Neutra will bring to market within this week of the acquisition. This will be Neutra’s first foray into Delta-8 THC products, a move made possible after the Texas Legislature declined to ban the substance earlier in June.

‘This acquisition enables us to quickly get into the potentially lucrative Delta-8 market,’ said Sydney Jim. ‘Instead of having to developing an entirely new brand, we get a product ready to hit the shelves, giving us a big jump on the competition. Delta-8 THC and recreational hemp-based CBD should open a strong new source of sales and revenues as we can now serve those wanting medicinal relief and those seeking pleasure.’

Neutra intends to keep the Deity Wellness brand name as its already well established in the recreational marketplace. Neutra will henceforth have two product lines: VIVIS for medical CBD users and Deity Wellness ( for the Delta-8 recreational market. Neutra believes the brands will complement each other and make it easier to get shelf space in stores as the company can now serve many types of consumers.

Delta-8 THC enthusiasts have found it produces a mild euphoria, relaxation, calmness and a sense of delight. Consumers can use Delta-8 products by themselves or in conjunction with CBD ones, like those Neutra already sells under the VIVIS brand name.

Analysts estimate the CBD market enjoyed just over $4 billion in sales in 2019. Predictions are that it will grow to more than $25 billion by 2025. These same analysts expect the market to see a 49 percent CAGR by 2024.

About Neutra Corp.
Neutra Corp. (OTC PINK:NTRR) is an early-stage research and development company with a focus on bringing modern healthy living solutions to a multibillion-dollar market. Cutting-edge technologies within the nutraceuticals, food, and drug, and environmental purification sectors are creating a new kind of world culture-one where in which consumers are demanding access to products that promote health and stave off potential health dangers.

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