Nevada: AB341 “Provides for the licensure and regulation of cannabis consumption lounges. (BDR 56-583) Introduction Date Friday, March 19, 2021”

Unsurprisingly, it being Nevada, debate on this this legislation appears to be moving quicker than other states as we presume they would love to have something in play when America fully re-opens for business and the tourists, weekenders and conference goers flood back into the city consumption lounges could be a major revenue earner in the city


The proposed bill.…..provides for the licensing of consumption lounges. Two types of cannabis consumption lounges will be allowed:

A) “retail cannabis consumption lounge” at which the consumption of cannabis is allowed and which is attached or adjacent to an adult-use cannabis retail store and

B) An “independent cannabis consumption lounge” which is not attached or immediately adjacent to an adult-use cannabis retail store. Section 12 of this bill requires the CCB to adopt regulations establishing criteria of merit and scoring guidelines to be used in evaluating applications for such licenses and requires the CCB to give an additional weight to social equityapplicants. Section 27 of this bill authorizes an independent cannabis consumption lounge to request from the CCB to sell cannabis to customersof the lounge.



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