Nevada Cannabis Sales On Increase Even With Reduced Tourist Numbers Says Report

Mj Biz have been delving into Nevada’s numbers and although there are less people coming into town sales of adult use cannabis are still on an upward trajectory.


They write…

Nevada’s recreational marijuana sales have largely recovered, having slumped in the spring from some of the strictest coronavirus shutdown measures in the nation and dwindling numbers of tourists visiting Las Vegas.

Industry officials link the rebound to robust demand from local residents and improved business practices that arose as a necessity during the shutdown, including online ordering and discounts.

At the same time, purchases of flower have picked up and now account for a larger portion of overall sales, reflecting local consumer preferences and a shrinking tourist base.

The sales recovery stands in marked contrast to March and April, when the COVID-19 pandemic halted travel to a tourist market that received nearly 50 million visitors last year. In-store marijuana sales were banned. 

By May, however, Nevada’s adult-use retail sales resumed growing, thanks to looser in-store restrictions. And by June, sales returned to year-over-year increases, even though tourist traffic remained down.

By August, sales hit $62.8 million – more than double the level recorded in April. 

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Nevada marijuana market regains footing after strict COVID-19 restrictions, fewer tourists



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