Looking at their name we’re surprised that they aren’t embroiled in a trademark case as well. Good to see the new compliance board baring its fangs.


8 News Now – Laws Vegas report  ……A cannabis dispensary will have to pay back wages to their employees along with a $1.25 million fine after reaching a disciplinary settlement with the state’s brand new Cannabis Compliance Board.

Canopi Cannabis Dispensaries, whose parent company is CWNevada, had six of their licenses revoked as part of the settlement. Sale of those licenses will go toward paying back wages.

The fine appears to be the largest ever in Nevada against a marijuana company.

In June 2019, employees told the I-Team they were not being paid, and the company was in the middle of a bankruptcy and investigations. See that report here:

Now, six licenses will be revoked, and the company will have to pay a $1.25 million fine and $1.5 million in back taxes.

The company had been accused of keeping large quantities of marijuana off the books and destroying evidence.

The compliance board also said the owners, including Brian Padgett, will not be able to make any money from the sale of the company and could face additional discipline.

Marijuana dispensary loses six licenses, will pay $1.25M fine