Nevada CCB Turns To Enforcement Of Testing Labs

MJ Biz reports..…Nevada is the latest state to crack down on marijuana testing labs in yet another example of the cannabis industry’s increasing awareness of problems related to potency and contaminant testing.

Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) rejected a motion in late September to dismiss a disciplinary action against Las Vegas-based testing lab Lettucetest, formerly known as Cannex Nevada.

Lettucetest faces the possibility of tens of thousands of dollars in fines, a loss of its license as well as a 10-year industry suspension over allegations it falsely boosted THC potency numbers and allowed contaminated products to pass muster.

“The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board is taking a bold, yet proper, step in finalizing its proceedings by calling (Lettucetest) forward for a hearing on the charges that were levied against them in 2021,” Will Adler, director of the Reno-based Sierra Cannabis Coalition (SCC), told MJBizDaily via email.

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