Nevada Dept Of Taxation Issues Health & Safety Notices On Cannabis Yeast & Mold Limits

The Nevada Department of Taxation has issued a health and safety noticed after several samples of marijuana sold tested for higher levels of yeast and mold than the state allowable limit.

Additional samples of the affected marijuana are being sent for confirmation testing at a laboratory operated by the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture. 

According to the Department of Taxation, it is believed the affected marijuana was sold in the form of flower and pre-rolls between 7/11/19 and 8/19/19

  • The Apothecary Shoppe – D. H. Flamingo, Inc (license # 01359449685112111637)
  • Blackjack Collective – Naturex II, LLC (license # 50748233769645953480)

The affected marijuana was cultivated and harvested between 5/28/19 and 7/10/19 by:

  • D. H. Aldebaran Inc. (license # 04584977759671021505)
  • Las Vegas Natural Caregivers, LLC (license # 82798431024231095044)

The department is advising consumers who have purchased the affected marijuana to avoid consuming the products until the results of the confirmation testing are received by the Department. 


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