Blockchain is certainly the buzzword de-jour currently, and especially so in the USA cannabis sector.

A new crypto currency seems to appear daily and this lot, who it still seems, need to raise money tell us the following


We will create a chain of high-tech, fully equipped ParagonCoin Centers in all 20 States where cannabis is legal with the following:

Professional coworking space for cannabis and a creative hub for scientists, journalists, investors, marketers, doctors, developers, fintech specialists, entrepreneurs, startups and lawyers in the cannabis space

Business mentors and advisors

Conference, event, research and educational space for the legalized cannabis industry

Photo/Audio/video studio for product shoots, interviews, podcasts, etc.

Social Club / Café for Paragon Coin Club members

Web and in-app co-working, event, conference reservation system with instant PRG payment

Member dashboard for membership registration, transaction history, networking, scheduling, event lists, etc.

Cafe/snacks menu and simple checkout process with PRG

Specialized Retail services and SPAs with CBD products at a flagship location with PRG payment and tipping (retail of cannabis products at SPAs limited to jurisdictions where such cannabis products are legal)

Interestingly they are choosing the ethereum platform to work with, the platform of choice for law firms at the moment.  11 days until their ICO so, as they say, “wait & see”

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