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The world ayahuasca diaspora has been one of the most fascinating aspects of the psychedelic renaissance. Not only ayahuasca use has expanded to unprecedented levels, reaching a vast number of countries, but it has also gone through important reinventions. This phenomenon was accompanied by the creation of new groups and practices that live alongside the Brazilian ayahuasca religions and the millenary traditions of Indigenous peoples. The rich and everchanging landscape of ayahuasca use has also been marked by the rise of legal problems and public controversies. The increase of seizures of shipments, raids, and arrests has reached an alarming level. In addition, the troubling media coverage of ayahuasca has contributed significantly to the social stigma that ayahuasca groups face, being portrayed as dangerous cults and criminal organizations.

In order to address this pressing issue, the Drs. Bia Labate and Clancy Clavnar have recently edited the most up-to-date and complete book on the regulation of ayahuasca and its controversies on a global scale. The book’s contributors are among some of the leading experts on ayahuasca public policies in the world, ranging from the legal, theological, sociological, and anthropological fields. The variety of geographical contexts includes North and South America, Europe, and Oceania. There is also a diversity of themes, comprising forms of self-regulation by traditional populations, drug and heritage policies on ayahuasca, legal battles, the impacts of the lack of legal recognition, social stigmas, and legal persecution of ayahuasca groups, among other issues. The book is also a testament to Chacruna’s ever-growing efforts to promote awareness and to fight for the religious freedom of ayahuasca. In a global landscape marked by the rise of authoritarian governments from the extreme right, jeopardizing the rights not only of ethnic and religious groups
but also racial and gender minorities, this collection of articles is not only relevant but necessary.

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