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Health warning labels will be required for all cannabis products sold in California starting Jan. 3, a mandate that will likely create a wave of new product-liability lawsuits targeting marijuana and hemp companies, industry attorneys predicted.

The warning labels are designed to alert consumers to the possible health impact of marijuana smoke and THC. The labels have legal roots dating back more than three decades.

Proposition 65, a California law passed in 1986, requires the state to:

  • Publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects.
  • Call for the placement of consumer warnings on all product labels that contain any of the chemicals on the list.

Once the state mandate goes into effect in early January, all products that create marijuana smoke or contain delta-9 THC –  essentially every cannabis product on the market – must have a Prop 65 warning label.

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New California cannabis health-warning label requirement could trigger swell of industry lawsuits