New Frontier Data – Article: Will Switzerland’s Latest Regulatory Rx for Legal Cannabis Work?

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As Europe moves in fits and starts toward a more liberal scenario for recreational cannabis, Switzerland has become the latest country to roll towards legalization after last month getting a formal endorsement within the National Council.

By a 13-11 margin, the Health Commission brings Switzerland a crucial stage closer to legalizing adult-use cannabis. In September 2020, the Swiss Parliament passed an amendment to the Federal Act on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, providing the  legal bedrock for conducting pilot trials for legal cannabis, albeit with strict limitations and state oversight.

Switzerland’s recent initiative follows the legal change, with the immediate effect being to approve the new cannabis pilot program, in which 5,000 registered users – already aficionados of cannabis known to the government – will be given legal access to organic, Swiss-produced cannabis. That move affords Switzerland historic status as the first European country with a legal adult-use cannabis supply chain.

The trial paves the way for a fuller consumer environment for cannabis, with products allegedly modelled on Canada’s legal cannabis program. The products will feature THC content capped at 20%, with child-proof packaging with prominently labelled safety and ingredient information. The trial is mandated to run 10 years.

Switzerland, similar to the U.K. in being independent from the European Union, has for quite some time maintained a liberal mentality towards cannabis and historically progressive policies. In 2012 it decriminalized cannabis possession under 10 grams, and though users caught in possession had to pay a fine of CHF100 ($110 USD), it considered a civic offence like a traffic violation, not one leaving a criminal record. Though many in the conservative country objected to the law at the time (five years earlier Swiss voters largely rejected a proposal to legalize cannabis), it showed the direction of the country in terms of social acceptance of cannabis, and the need to regulate it.

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Will Switzerland’s Latest Regulatory Rx for Legal Cannabis Work?

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