New Frontier Data Partner With CohnReznick To Publish, “Cannabis Accounting & Financial Management Report 2018-2019 Best Practices

Here’s the blurb….

New Frontier Data is proud to partner with one of the largest and esteemed accounting firms in the world, CohnReznick, to present the first-of-its-kind Cannabis Accounting & Financial Management Report: 2018-2019 Best Practices.

This report covers:

  • Best accounting and financial management best practices for cannabis businesses
  • Key themes that cannabis business decisionmakers must consider as they plan, grow, and compete in this opportunity-rich, but high-risk environment
  • Effects of the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on cannabis businesses
  • An analysis of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §280E and its effect on cannabis businesses
  • Cost-segregation studies and how they offer an effective way to minimize tax liabilities
  • An analysis of cannabis company valuations and the importance of due diligence
  • Risks and opportunities assessment in cannabis real estate
  • An assessment of accounting approaches for an increasingly global industry

And much more…

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