New Frontier Publish: The U.S. Hemp Market: 2019 State Rankings Report

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This report covers:

  • Rankings of the ‘Top 10 Hemp States’ in the country. See where and why we ranked the top 10.
  • Coverage on ‘States to Watch’ for you to learn which states are poised for growth and will shape the U.S. market in 2020 (and beyond).
  • See which states we predict will break into the Top 10 in 2020. Be prepared for this year’s harvest and next year’s planting seasons.
  • 2018 state hemp harvest data and 2019 acres under license data.
  • Analysis and charts on state licensing data and application processes. Learn which states are issuing the most licenses; growing vs. processing license data.
  • See how much hemp we predict will be harvested this year through 2022.
  • Learn about the different rules, regulations, and laws in the Top 10 Hemp States.
  • Get an edge by knowing which states have more business and investment-friendly regulations and laws.

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