New Hemp Synergistics Launches CBD Wellness Water with Probiotics

Hemp Synergistics, a biotech company dedicated to making intelligent hemp products, announced today the launch of two inaugural direct to consumer retail lines: Pure Synergistics and Lily + Rein, both of which include Canabix, the first all-natural CBD + probiotic drink developed by World Health Organization cited immunologist, Dr. Babak Baban.

With a team of over 50 years of professional and regulatory experience, the company was founded with a focus of science, solution and quality. All 100% THC-free products are formulated in a pharmaceutical grade lab in an FDA registered, GMP compliant facility.

“In a market plagued with gas station products of questionable quality, we’re thrilled to provide intelligent CBD products that combine our industry expertise, the cutting-edge formulation process mastered by our scientists, and consumer insights filtered through the lenses of our nutraceutical executives and partners.” said Daniel Kohler, Hemp Synergistics’ CEO.

Each product uses a high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp oil so that naturally occurring cannabinoids remain present as they do in plant form without THC. All hemp is sourced from the U.S. from mostly organic sources and Pennsylvania Amish Farms, extracted to be 100% THC free every time, and only combined in formulations that include all natural ingredients.

About Canabix

Hemp Synergistics partnered with Medicinal Cannabis of America to bring to market Canabix, a patent-pending CBD + probiotic wellness water and tea that is THC-free. Medicinal Cannabis of America was co-founded by world renowned immunologist Dr. Babak Baban. The World Health Organization (WHO) has cited Dr. Baban’s research study relative to CBD’s positive impact for ARDS symptoms, as happens in the last stages of severe COVID-19 infection. The findings have potential implications to be tested in COVID-19 patients.

“Studies like Dr. Baban’s will help WHO and other healthcare organizations in their decisions to support appropriate and innovative treatment such as CBD” said Kohler. “To be the exclusive partner to provide this CBD + probiotic patent-pending drink is something we are extremely proud of.”

Canabix comes in three flavors; lemon cucumber, dragonfruit and peach tea, all containing 30 MG of CBD and probiotics. Canabix is currently available for purchase on and

About Hemp Synergistics

Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company dedicated to making intelligent hemp products. Hemp Synergistics provides industry solutions including extraction, remediation, formulations and manufacturing of hemp based ingredients and consumer products in the food, nutraceutical and wellness industries. Differentiated by its executive leaders with global experience in consumer products, Hemp Synergistics’ mission is to provide high-quality cannabinoid ingredients, new product development and complete branded products to maximize the consumers’ cannabinoid experience. Hemp Synergistics’ leadership team includes scientific and formulation experts  — one of whom opened the nation’s first private-held, fully-accredited crime lab —  and Fortune 500 executives from companies like Keebler, Office Max and nutraceutical giants Atrium Innovations and SDC Nutrition. Interested parties can reach out directly to and can visit for more information.

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