Jay Lassiter writes for Insider NJ…….

I always predicted that when legalized pot finally comes to NJ it’ll go something like this: a bunch a politically-connected people who know little about marijuana will grow fabulously wealthy selling mediocre weed for $500/oz.

There’ll be no homegrow provisions for medical patients and zero opportunities for anyone tying to break into the cannabis industry in New Jersey who isn’t already a political insider.

That’s what legalized cannabis will look like when it finally comes to NJ.

So imagine my (not at all) surprise when I scrolled across a tweet from [Florio Perrucci Steinhardt Cappelli Tipton & Taylor LLC], the most politically-influential (hashtag-loving) law firm in South Jersey:

The #NJ & #PA #cannabis industry can look to #floriolaw for comprehensive #legal counsel from #business formation, governmental affairs, #licensing and permitting to #local land use applications. http://floriolaw.com/practice-areas #lehighvalley #cannabislaw #legalizedcannabis #lawyer #law

Notably, this firm’s partners include Camden Co. Democratic freeholder Louis Cappelli and Douglas Steinhardt, the chairman of the NJ Republican Party. (Bipartisanship, to double the chances of getting a piece.)

Not a single member of Chairman Steinhardt’s GOP caucus in Trenton was a “yes” vote to legalize cannabis when they had the chance last year. Likewise, Cappelli’s fellow Norcross Democrats mostly wimped out when it was in their hands to legalize cannabis legislatively.


This article is well worth a read at https://www.insidernj.com/njs-pending-corporate-cannabis-catastrophe/


Yet again it looks like greed and power will play the same game in NJ as  it has across many (not all) states as vested interests see where they can pull a dollar after years of stopping others do the same.